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At Dore Property Management, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service.

I bought my first Ottawa rental property in 1999. I came by the urge to be a landlord honestly as my parents, my grandparents, and even my great-grandparents owned rental properties in their day. When I started Dore Property Management (formerly operating as Locke Property Management), I took all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained as a property owner and business manager and have used it to help my clients. I love the people. I love the work…and I’m proud to say our business is based entirely on word of mouth.

Over the years, more and more property owners and real estate investors in Ottawa have come to trust the Dore Property Management Team to take care of their rental units. As our stable of apartments, townhouses and houses for rent has grown, prospective tenants and real estate professionals looking for rental accommodations for their clients are also increasingly turning to us when they’re looking for a new place to live. This is a testament to the quality of rental housing in our portfolio and our reputation in the industry.

Our property management team understands the needs of both property owners/real estate investors and those looking for rentals in Ottawa. All our client relationships are based on trust—and the foundation of trust is good communication. In this day and age, property owners want to be kept up to date on an ongoing basis, and tenants expect a quick turnaround if they run into any problems with their rentals.

We understand that being a landlord isn’t for everyone. With every new tenant we interview, we know the right questions to ask in order to minimize issues later on. Whether you’re a property owner or a real estate investor, Dore Property Management can provide sound advice, as well as help make the process of finding a quality tenant and the management of your property a whole lot easier.

−Dan Doré, owner, Dore Property Management

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