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How Does It Work

Real estate doesn’t have to be a chore—but not all property management companies in Ottawa strive to actually relieve that burden. We’ve centered every aspect of our property management service around making your life easier. Listing your property with us is really simple. All you have to do to hand off the responsibilities of your rental property to our experts is contact our team. 

From there, we’ll collect the details of your property, learning everything there is to know about what makes your unit unique. Then we share detailed feedback on what you can expect; how we’ll track down the perfect tenants, draft the rental agreement, manage the process through the life of their lease, collect rent payments, and more. Finally, if you love what you hear (and we think you will!) we’ll get an agreement signed. After that, we handle the rest so you don’t have to!


Our Simple, Proven Process

Provide us with the keys

Our team handles the listing, property showings, and tenant approval to find the best candidate.


Stay close to your email to provide pre-approvals

We stay in close communication with you so you’re always in the loop. 


Let’s sign the ideal tenant

You get peace of mind knowing Ottawa’s preferred property management firm is on your side.


With over 20 years of experience managing rental and residential properties, DORE Property Management is one of Ottawa's top-reviewed property management companies, according to Google. We have successfully handled over 3,000 rental units and have the resources to make your experience effortless! 

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The Best Benefits in the Business

  • DORE offers a full guarantee: If your tenant doesn’t pan out in the first year, we’ll find you another one!

  • When you list with the highest-rated management firm in Ottawa, you gain high exposure for your unit.

  • DORE shows up for you every day with showings and rapid responses to inquiries seven days a week.

  • You never pay any upfront fees on your managed units, which means you don’t pay anything until you get paid first!

Are you ready to find your ideal tenant at your residential property?

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